Press Kit

Moladay is making waves in the online auction industry. Below you'll find our press kit. It has everything you need to write about us.


What is Moladay?
Moladay is an online auction website. Bids are free; it is not a penny auction site. Each item is on the website for a few hours before it starts to close. When an item closes, it resets the time left for that item to two minutes. The auction ends when no bids come in for two minutes. Moladay has items starting at $1, $2, and $5. Each bid increases the price by $1, $2, and $5 respectively. Moladay sources products directly from suppliers and manufacturers and ships products from the US. This keeps our shipping times relatively fast.

Moladay is quirky, engaging, and fun. It makes product discovery and shopping entertaining.

What kind of products are offered?
A variety of products is offered. Everything from handmade artisanal items to mass manufactured items. Home and garden, electronics, jewelry, and more.

When was it started?
Early 2019

Who are the investors?
Moladay is %100 bootstrapped 😀. No outside money has been taken.



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