In 2018, burnt out on work and needing a change, I took an extended trip to Indonesia. As I traveled, I questioned economic disparities, happiness, and business as a force for change. I decided to create an auction website because it blends entertainment with shopping and creates a momentary escape from the world around you. I view the website as much a business, as an artwork, and a challenge to see how much joy we can spark and change we can make.

I used my experience in Indonesia as inspiration while we built Moladay. The name comes from the Mola Mola, also called a Sun Fish, which can be found in the waters surrounding Indonesia. I never did find a Mola Mola while I was there but I was drawn to how quirky and elusive it is. Moladay strives to be a place where you can feel like you're on a treasure hunt and have fun while you're on your journey.

Moladay sells items in an auction format. We have no prices and only vague value categories to help you know about how much an item is "worth". At the end of the day, an item is only worth what you will pay for it. The auction format means that there is a wide range of winners. Sometimes you will win an item at a very low price, possibly lower than anywhere else online (even lower than our costs for the item). Other times, you won't be as lucky, you'll get into a bidding war and you'll pay a higher price but it's still a price that you can feel good about.

As our journey as a company continues, you will see more and more handmade goods on the site. We have a vision of empowering artisans, creators, craftsmen, and artists from developing nations to make an income from foreign buyers online.

We hope every visit to Moladay feels like an escape to your own tropical paradise.

Relax, live a little, and have fun!

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